GCSEs in 2021

With the continued disruption to education caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the UK government has decided that formal GCSE exams will not take place.

The guidance published by Ofqual states that schools must submit Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) for every GCSE qualification. This must be backed up with evidence.

As an Academy, we have taken the decision to give students multiple opportunities to sit ‘mini-assessments’ in each subject, in the weeks between 22 March and 28 May. The timetable for this can be seen below. All of these assessments will be sat in exam conditions to ensure equal and fair treatment for all students. Students who are entitled to access arrangements will also receive this for all assessments.

If a student misses one assessment, there are enough planned into our assessment series that enough evidence for their CAG can still be gathered. If multiple assessments are missed, then a catch up series of assessments will be put on in the weeks commencing 24 May and 31 May (half term).

If you have any further questions about this assessment series, please contact either Miss Emma Cheetham – SLT link for Year 11 (echeetham@grammar.trinitymat.org) or Ms Rebecca Stothers – SLT responsible for assessments (rstothers@grammar.trinitymat.org).

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