Labour Market Index

As the world of work changes, it is important for students to understand Labour Market Information (LMI) to ensure they are aware where different jobs are needed around the country and what types of jobs may need more people in the future.

The Government track the number of people in work and the types of jobs they do, and places like schools use this information to help their students prepare for the world of work.

All of our students will eventually enter the world of work and, when they do, they need to be prepared with the right knowledge and skills to succeed.

At Trinity Academy Grammar, we use LMI to help shape the curriculum (the subjects you study) and encourage students to develop skills which will help plug some gaps in the labour market.

Halifax is part of the Leeds City Region, which is the largest city region outside of London. This means that our students have a wealth of local opportunities, whatever their interests.


Alongside these specific jobs which are in demand, there is also a skills gap that we are aware of. We are working to ensure our students are equipped to fill these gaps when they enter the world of work. The skills gap includes:

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