Alternative Pathways

All of our students at Trinity Academy Grammar are known, valued and understood, and we recognise that some students require additional support to successfully access the mainstream curriculum. In order to meet their needs, we have a broad range of alternative pathways.

Although these targeted interventions provide a bespoke package of support, we continue to provide a focused and purposeful curriculum. Our curriculum leaders work alongside the senior leadership team to ensure that an appropriately balanced curriculum is still delivered to students on alternative pathways.

All of our alternative pathways are structured with the aim of transitioning students back into mainstream provision when they are ready.

EAL Provision

The EAL provision is supported by a team comprised of an EAL co-ordinator, a teacher, a learning mentor and an EAL engagement officer.

Through this provision, our aim is to:

  • Develop the acquisition of EAL students’ English language in four areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Ensure accelerated progress for those students within the EAL Base so as to facilitate a secure ‘graduation’ from the EAL Base to the mainstream curriculum when appropriate.
  • Provide the skills and knowledge to ensure students are able to access their mainstream lessons once they graduate.
  • Develop students’ behaviour and attendance in the EAL Base, but also in the wider school.

Primary Provision

A primary teaching specialist works with students who are in need of additional support to access the secondary curriculum. Our intention is to:

  • Embed undeveloped Key Stage 1 and 2 literacy skills within a curriculum which is as ambitious as the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum in content.
  • Ensure accelerated progress for those students within the primary provision to facilitate a secure ‘graduation’ to the mainstream curriculum at an appropriate time.
  • Provide the skills and knowledge to ensure students access the most suitable pathway at Phase 2.

Vocational Pathway

The vocational pathway (VP) is a supportive programme for selected students in Key Stage 4. It runs through the option blocks and prepares them for their post-16 pathways.

  • Students on the VP were identified by Curriculum Leaders, SENDCo, AP for Curriculum and the Principal. Using our knowledge of the students, it was decided that these students would benefit from a bespoke level 1 pathway rather than working towards three separate level 2 vocational subjects. Alongside this, it was thought that these students would require extra careers IAG and support with the Post-16 transition.
  • Students on the VP focus on ASDAN. We have the flexibility on the course to ensure it is planned around the student’s interests and passions. Our students work towards the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, which includes units such as collaborative working and presenting to an audience.
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