Pastoral System

The staff know their students well and have clear systems in place to support their needs. These systems are consistently delivered and are having impact across all areas. Pupil Premium Review [Led by the Abbey MAT], March 2019

Trinity Academy Grammar understands that when students feel settled and secure they will achieve more. The academy’s pastoral system – or the network of support we provide to students and parents – is a real strength and forms the basis of all that we do.

When your child joins the academy we will share more about how our pastoral system, with daily form time, Weekly Wellbeing sessions and dedicated Year Leaders, ensures each and every student feels valued and supported. You will often hear about the ‘community feel’ at the academy and our pastoral care enables our young people to resolve any issue that is impacting upon their education, whether this stems from inside or outside of the academy.

Year Leaders

Our Year Leaders are responsible for the pastoral care for every student in their group, leading activities that celebrate their students’ successes , including our Rewards Weeks and trips.

Pastoral Video

Hear more about our pastoral care, our safeguarding team and our wide support network of staff.

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Trinity Scholars

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