YOU Challenge

As a school, we want to continue recognise all the hard work our students do in meeting and exceeding the high expectations we have, and to challenge and enrich all our students and give them opportunities to develop personally. The YOU Challenge builds on the work students did in Y7 and 8 towards their Graduation.

Through a series of 6 very different challenges that focus on various skills, students in Y9 will have the opportunity to try some things they may never have before and hopefully develop a passion for a particular role or area that could lead onto a new skill or happy and fulfilling future career.

These challenges will be completed in form time and do not involve any extra work outside of school to complete; so everyone can take part! Students are competing as a form, and there will be prizes and rewards for the forms who succeed at being the ‘best’ each challenge. Students are working together for each challenge, but have a specific role within that team to see how they have contributed individually to the overall success of their form team.

Together, we are stronger and the Year of Us allows students to undertake challenges that emphasise life skills, focus on personal development and have fun.

There are a number of criteria that students must meet across the Year of Us (YOU) Challenge in order to pass at the end of Y9:

Expectations Criteria


97% minimum
Achievement Points


30 per term
Attitude to Learning Good or Outstanding in English, Maths, Science and 2 other subjects


Attendance at Involve (T2 onwards)


70% minimum
Masters of Recall


Average 70%
Challenge Criteria
Completion of 6x challenges Term 1 – Team Building Walk Challenge

Term 2 – Charity Hampers Collection Challenge

Term 3  – Flat-Pack Furniture Build Challenge

Term 4 – The London Marathon Challenge

Term 5 – Charity Bake Sale Challenge

Term 6 – Form Assembly Presentation Challenge


To have completed a challenge successfully, students need to have taken on a role and carried out the expectations of that role. This will be verified by Tutors and Form YOU Ambassadors.


YOU Challenge Grade PASS – student has achieved 3 of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and taken part in at least 2x Challenges.

MERIT – student has achieved 4 of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and taken part in at least 3x Challenges.

DISTINCTION – student has achieved all of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and taken part in at least 4x Challenges.

DISTINCTION* – student has achieved all of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and taken part in at least 5x Challenges.

YOU Ambassadors

Each form group will have student representatives for the Year of Us Challenge. The YOU Ambassadors will come to meetings to talk about upcoming challenges, discuss ideas and share feedback as well as leading on and organising the challenges for their form. A big part of the YOU Ambassador role is to make sure that everyone in the form has an individual role each challenge and is making progress towards completing the different challenges.

This is a great opportunity for students to develop their confidence and leadership skills and will involve rewards throughout the year for those individuals who are successful.

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