Graduation at Trinity Academy Grammar is a two year programme that starts in year 7 and finishes at the end of year 8.

It is an opportunity for the school to recognise all of the hard work students do and showcase how they have met the school’s high expectations.

There are a number of criteria that students must meet across year 7 and then again in year 8 in order to graduate:

Expectations Criteria
Attendance 97% minimum
Achievement Points 30 per term
Attitude to Learning Good or Outstanding in English, Maths, Science and 2 other subjects
Attendance at Involve (T2 onwards) 70% minimum
Masters of Recall Average 70%
Reading Criteria
Read at least 5 books outside of school To have completed the reading challenge successfully, students need to have read 5 books outside of school and completed a book review for each. This will be verified by Parents, Tutors and Form Graduation Leaders.
Graduation Challenge Grade 1st– student has achieved all of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and read at least 4 books.

2:1 – student has achieved 4 of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and read at least 3 books.

2:2 – student has achieved 3 of the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and read at least 2 books.

3rd – student has achieved 2 the ‘Expectations Criteria’ above and read at least 2 books.

You can pass the Graduation programme at three different levels: Third Class, Second Class and First Class.

Students who exceed these targets will become part of the elite group of students who graduate with honours.

Students who pass the Graduation programme are invited along with parents and carers to celebrate their achievements at a memorable ceremony at the end of year 8.

Year 7 and 8 Graduation Leaders 2023-2024

This role will involve coming to meetings to talk about the Graduation programme and representing each form in Y7.

  • Leading on Graduation related events and assemblies.
  • Helping to ensure everyone in your form is making progress towards completing the different challenges.

This is a great opportunity to develop confidence and leadership skills and will involve rewards throughout the year for student’s hard work and contribution.

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