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All secondary school applications must be submitted to the local authority. We have added a step by step guide and video below to help you through the application process on the Calderdale Council website. 

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Click APPLY NOW to begin your application process that will be carried out via the Calderdale Council website.

The application deadline for all secondary school Year 7 places is 31st October 2022. Contact us if you have missed this or wish to discuss your application.

Set up an account on the Calderdale Council website.

You are required to set up your account before making your application choices. Keep your login information safe for the future as you will need this to find out what school your child has been allocated to.

Choose 5 secondary schools and order them from your first choice to your last.

We recommend putting 5 schools on the form as this will give you a greater chance of getting a school you want. If you are accepted to more than one school, you will receive a place at your preferred school – i.e your first choice.

  • Remember to check that all 5 schools are within your catchment area.

Secondary school places are offered on 1st March 2022.

If you apply online (via the instructions above) you will receive an email with your child’s offer on the 1st March. If you apply any other way, you will get your offer via post within a few days after the official offer day.

You then need to accept your offer with the school directly.

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