Year 6 Transition

Welcome to the TAG Transition page, where you can access resources and information about the transition from primary school.

Who's Who?

“Mrs Neil is the Year Leader for Year 7. That means that she looks after you from the moment you start in Year 7, to when you join Year 8. Mrs Neil’s role as Year Leader, is to help and support you throughout Year 7 and provide outstanding pastoral care.”
Mrs NeilYear Leader
“Mrs Goddard-Wood is an example of an SLG link, here at TAG. Our senior leadership team are there to make sure your time at TAG is a smooth and as enjoyable as possible. She also teaches Business Studies and will pop in and out of your lessons to see how you're getting on. She makes sure that everyone is making progress, and that there are lots of fun opportunities happening for you!”
Mrs Goddard-WoodAssistant Principal - Personal Development
“Mrs Foster is the Acting Principal. She is in charge of the academy, and you’ll often see her out and about on the corridors, and often on the doors as you arrive at the academy.”
Mrs FosterActing Principal

We know that the transition from primary can be daunting, so we have created the video below to show you what our academy looks like.


We believe that an excellent standard of uniform lays the foundations for an exceptional experience during a student’s time with us, and helps them prepare for the high expectations both employers and universities will have of our young people in the future.

We have high uniform standards, and strongly recommend that parents and students review our guide before making any purchases. You can find the guide on our Uniform Page

If your child is joining us as a Year 7 student, this video is a great introduction to our school.


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