Weekly Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is of paramount importance to all stakeholders at Trinity Academy Grammar and we take a holistic approach to our delivery and monitoring of wellbeing.

For more information on our pastoral support for emotional health and wellbeing, please visit the Wellbeing page on our website.

Across the whole academy, we look at the personal development of students through five key strands. They are: SMSC, character education, RSHE, Values and Ambitious Aspirations. These strands can be broken down further to help us understand what each one means:

This list is not exhaustive, but is a good starting point for understanding the holistic view we take when it comes to student wellbeing.

Our Curriculum Leaders have looked at their curriculum maps through the lens of personal development and are aware of when their curriculum areas cross over with these themes. Continued Professional Development (CPD) has taken place to enable all staff to deliver lessons that touch on these themes in an accurate, sensitive and powerful way.

We have a lesson dedicated to student wellbeing: it is called Weekly Wellbeing and it takes place once a week for all students in the school. This provision takes into account Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE), as well as Relationships, Sex and Health education (RSHE), alongside the National Curriculum for citizenship. British values are taught explicitly through this lesson also, giving students the knowledge they need to actively engage in British society and contribute positively to it.

In September 2020, the new RSE policy from the Government became statutory. We were an early adopter school, so had been engaging in the policy for 12 months in advance of this date. Our RSE Policy, written in conjunction with all stakeholders, can be found on the Policies and Procedures page.

Our overarching topics in Weekly Wellbeing are:

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Safeguarding

  • Living in the Wider World.

A topic map is available to download below. The lesson overview for Weekly Wellbeing changes annually based on student needs.

Any further questions regarding our wellbeing provision should be sent to contactus@grammar.trinitymat.org with the subject title: FAO Wellbeing Lead.

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